Thrive! For Teen Girls!

Thrive! sessions provide a safe, positive and professional environment for young ladies to work on their health and wellness.

Term Time Programs - Exercising to improve well-being

Making health and fitness fun for your teen.

Term 3 - Dates TBC

Having fun!

Our Thrive! trainers aim to make these sessions fun and enagaging for all.

Did you know that the mood benefits of just 20mins of exercise can last 12 hours according to researchers at the University of Vermont.

If your teen is reluctant to engage in sport we would love to see them at Thrive to boost their endorphin hit.

Healthy mind

Our teens have a lot of pressure that they are dealing with these days.

Exercise increases endorphons and other feel-good brain chemicals helping to battle stress, anxiety and depression.

Just what your daughter needs when the classroom drama is getting all a but much.

Healthy body

Our Thrive! sessions incorporate not just cardio but strength componenets such as pilates and yoga as well.

Moderate intensity strength training has also had greater feel-good results.

about us

We use our experience to look after your daughter

With over a decade of fitness industry experience trainer Corrina Paine brings a wealth of knowledge to the Thrive sessions.

Designed with growing teens in mind these sessions provide a safe guided environment for your daughter to be a part of a 40mins of high intensity, low impact session.

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Max 12 participants

Starting: Term 3 - TBC

Day: Thursdays

Time: 3:45 - 4:30pm

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