Personal Training 1:1

Take the time just for you to work 1:1 with a personal trainer to achieve your personal goals.

why work with us?

Join Kev Rickey & Corrina Paine if you want to see your list of goals turn into results!

With thousands of one on one training sessions between them and specialist training Kev and Corrina offer 1:1 personal training including body transformation programmes, posture correction, injury prevention as well as sport and job specific conditioning.

1:1 - 30mins

30mins of personalised focus on your specific goals.


2:1 - 30mins

Strength in numbers. Workout with a mate and achieve together!


1:1 - 60mins

Step it up with an hour of 1:1 with your trainers. All the focus is on you!


We’d love to talk about what matters to you.