MYZONE is an easy-to-use exercise monitoring system with 99.4% ECG accuracy that helps you get the most out of each workout.  MYZONE measures real-time heart rate, calories and effort data.

MYZONE uses a chest strap for one important reason: accuracy. Wrist-based devices are simply not accurate for exercise that is non rhythmical, at a high intensity, or when the wearer tenses their forearm muscles. Therefore, the data that comes from these devices is inaccurate when boxing, jumping, lifting, or moving in different ways, and inaccurate data is irrelevant.

We believe that you deserve credit for all your effort – so we make sure all of it counts!


The beat of the heart is the gold standard of physical activity monitoring, and is the only accurate measure of effort (intensity).The World Health Organization's Physical Activity Guidelines are based on intensity. MYZONE automatically notifies users when weekly guidelines have been achieved, providing your Hubb trainers with credible data on the physical activity levels of The Hubb community.

Rewards all fitness levels

Live feedback.

Sparks new social connections.

Hold us accountable!

MyZone Benefits

MyZone has many benefits. Regardless of fitness level MyZone shows you that your effort will get you results and that is the ultimate reward.

It's bluetooth connectivity allows it to link with other 3rd party apps combining your feedback. 

Real-time live feedback keeps you pushing to make the most of your workout.

Don't let your effort go unrewarded!

Get your myzone today!

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