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Welcome Katherine

We are please to Introduce to you Katherine Ray!
Katherine has been working as a Pilates instructor since 2005 and joins the Hubb team this week delivering mat, reformer and flexibility sessions!

After completing a post-graduate diploma in Pilates with the University of Technology Sydney, Kath worked with the highly regarded Leeon and Shaw Pilates studio in Sydney.

Teaching private, studio and group classes, specialising in sports training, pre-and post-natal Pilates, injury recovery and tailoring programs for individual needs.

More recently she worked in Edinburgh Scotland, running both her own classes and working with Reform Edinburgh, where she ran dynamic group classes, one-on-one classes and was also involved in instructor training.

‘I really enjoy working with people to help them achieve their individual goals, whether that be to become pain free, run faster or to increase their overall sense of well-being. Outside of work I enjoy ballet, running and of course Pilates! And I am a mum of two boys, which keeps life full!

I’d love to see you on the mat or reformer soon!’

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What Are MEPs?

MEPs is an acronym for Myzone Effort Points, and it’s the metric by which everything is measured in the Myzone system. MEPs are earned by exercising in your desired heart rate zone over a period of time. It’s quite simple really – the more effort you put into your workouts, the more MEPs you earn!

Knowing your tile is the first step to seeing your effort rewarded. When looking at your live tile, you can find your current MEP count in the bottom right corner. If you aren’t familiar with the Myzone tile, check it out below!

How long you work out in a zone dictates how many MEPs you will earn.  So set your targets for each session and get the most out of your workout!

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