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Where gym members become friends. 


What we do

Group Training

If you want to get results work out with others!

If you don't know where to start with a workout or a nervous about what is the right technique and what's not then our Pack sessions are the perfect place to start.

The workout is sorted FOR you and the trainers are there to give you all the tips and tricks you need and to keep you SAFE.

At The Hubb pack sessions you will find a place to belong and thrive!

Workout with others with the coaching of a personal trainer to enhance your health and well-being.

Block Courses

Join a Pilates Reformer or Thrive (teen girls) course to learn more over a 6-8 week period.

For a 1:1 focus on your fitness. Join one of our personal trainers for your own individualised session.

Our Training Options

Pack Sessions

These sessions are designed to boost your metabolism, enhance fat loss, increase strength, improve conditioning, performance and aid your body's ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. High in intensity low on impact. Get the results you're after without putting strain on joints. This approach also allows modification of exercises to meet your personal strength and conditioning and ensure you're enjoying every minute of it and getting RESULTS!

Pack Lite

Are you:

  • Nervous about joining a pack session?
  • Wanting to get fit and strong following rehab from injury?
  • Keen to add a lower intensity pack session to your week?
  • Ready to strengthen and tone post baby?


You will be guided by a Hubb trainer and Back in Action physiotherapist.

Just like a pack session - but low impact and lower intensity! For those who are new to the gym environment this is a perfect starting point. If you're lacking in confidence in the high intensity environment but want to work on global conditioning and confidence with movement this is the session for you!

Pack Flexiblity

The flexibility pack sessions incorporate methodologies from yoga and modern dynamic stretching regimens to enhance joint range of movement, muscular and soft tissue flexibility. These sessions also incorporate foam rollers for myofascial release work.

Pack Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a great floor session for those wanting to improve tone, flexibility, better posture and to achieve more efficient movement and body/mind connection. Pilates focuses on a neutral spine, a properly engaged core, c-curve, shoulder and pelvic stability, spinal articulation and full breathing.


Thrive! is a term time session for girls in college years 9-13. The sessions provide a safe, positive and professional environment for young ladies to work on their health and wellness.  40mins of high intensity, low impact workout designed with growing bodies in mind.

Sessions focus on: Strength & posture, fitness, education, mental resilience and social connection.

Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Beginners Course is a 6 week introduction to the pilates reformer. This beginners course will equip you with the fundamental principles of pilates and basic exercises to kick off your pilates journey.  So if you want to work on your posture, strength and flexibilty goals then book in and learn the benefits of pilates by grounding yourself first with the basic principles.

MyZone Technology

A Tech Game Changer

MYZONE is an easy-to-use exercise monitoring system with 99.4% ECG accuracy that helps you get the most out of each workout.  It measures real-time heart rate, calories and effort data.

Why do we love MYZONE? Because it zeros in on your body (weight, height and max heart rate) and calculates your effort.

This means that in a group environment we're all monitoring effort on an even playing field. 

Walking the dog, tramping in Holdsworth, out on your bike, playing netball, hockey or golf - thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity between your MYZONE belt and smartphone, you can see exactly how hard you are working—no matter where you are! 


What our members say!

Kim Williams

Pack Member

A gym I actually look forward to working out in ! The trainers are awesome, so helpful with technique tips and any niggles you might have, a pack session is never boring that's for sure, always lots of laughs. Members are very friendly and encouraging. The myzone belt is great motivation for me, I definitely feel stronger, physically and mentally since joining The Hubb ! After being hesitant to join, I haven't looked back, love it !!!

Heidi Ward-McGrath

Annual Pack Member

The strength training I have been doing for the past two years means I can ski and indoor fly (skydiving).

Despite my previous injuries - spinal, cauda equina, fractured tibia and fibula, rotator cuff and several knee injuries.

I have more energy to keep up with the kids and the confidence to keep active. 

Most Popular Options

5 Week Boost Pack


one off payment

Do you need to give your health and fitness a boost?
Then join us for this 5 week pack experince and get a FREE MyZone!

Pack Membership


per fortnight

By far one of our most popular because we do all the training planning for you. Just turn up to any of our scheduled pack sessions and enjoy!

Gym only 


per fortnight

Come in and work out with your personalised plan, at your own pace in your own time.  Most popular with our PT and Pilates Reformer lovers!

Contact Information

Find us here:

9 King St
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Phone: 06 377 44 22 (extn 3)